School-Plus Homework Club

School Plus Registration Form

Program Guidelines:

Involvement in the program is voluntary for my child.

If my child cannot make the scheduled meeting, my child or guardian will notify Ms. DeFanti or Judy Zemantic.

My child will report to the cafeteria after school on the scheduled days and wait for the UCONN tutors and/or Ms. DeFanti.

Support will be provided from 3:20-4:15 two days a week* by students from the University of Connecticut. This program is for academic support.

Transportation arrangements are the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Students must be picked up promptly at 4:15 P.M. as no supervision will be available after this time. Students not being picked up on time will be dismissed from the program. We understand some emergencies do occur on occasions.

The student will utilize the tutorial time to complete assignments, study for tests, or obtain extra help with designated skills. Students who do not use the time productively will be dismissed from the program.

The calendar of meetings will be generated based on mutually agreed upon dates from Porter and UCONN school calendars. Parents will receive a copy of the schedule once their child has been enrolled in School Plus.

My child and I have read and agreed to the follow guidelines set up for the program.

No School Plus on: October 31, November 20-23, December 11-January 28, March 11-17, last day on April 30

Registration Information: Please complete a form for each Child:

Child's Name:

Grade (3rd-8th grade):


Days attending *(up to 2 days, if more are required, please email Mrs. DeFanti seperately)

Parent Name:


Home Phone:

Cell Phone:


Who will be picking up your child at 4:15 (please list all allowed including parents):

Phone numbers:


When submitted, registration forms are emailed to Karen DeFanti at If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please email directly. Thank you.