Board Members

The Columbia Board of Education is a seven voting-member elected body. The Superintendent of the Columbia School System, Mrs. Maria Geryk, also serves on the Columbia Board of Education as a non-voting member.

The members are listed below:

Jim  Jim Chakulski (D)

Term Expiration: 11/27/23
Telephone:  860-228-9113
Address: 2 Beaudette Terrace

Linette Dooley (D)

Term Expiration: 11/22/21
Address: 37 West Street

Michael Maziarz  Michael Maziarz  (I), Vice Chair/Secretary

Term Expiration:  11/22/2021
Telephone:  860-337-0296
Address:  8 Fox Run
  Joseph Napolitano (R)

Term Expiration: 11/27/23
Telephone: 518-390-2045
Address: 58 Laurel Lane
Art Rowbotham (2) Arthur Rowbotham (I)

Term Expiration:  11/27/23
Telephone:  860-208-3808
Address:  15 Yeomans Rd.

Christine Sposito (2) Christine Sposito (I)

Term Expiration:  11/27/23
Telephone:   860-463-0159
Address:   52 Doubleday Rd.
Maria3 (5)  Maria E. Geryk, School Superintendent

Telephone: 860-228-8590
Address: 3 Schoolhouse Road

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