Board Vision & Mission


The Columbia School District is a community of learners providing rigorous programs to ensure that each student can excel as an individual.


Columbia School District is a highly regarded district which provides a safe environment where a commitment to innovation, creativity and academic excellence ensures that learning comes first. To that end:

  • Students master comprehensive skills and apply what they learn
  • Students are empowered to lead and demonstrate civic responsibility
  • Students prepare for a lifetime of learning and engage in positive personal development
  • Parents are active participants in their student’s education
  • The district seeks out and retains the most highly qualified administrators, teachers and staff
  • Students, staff and leadership recognize the value of their individual contributions and commit to excellence
  • The district values self discipline, respect and integrity as essential to creating an effective learning environment
  • The district honors the community by developing partnerships which support the educational process and build life-long relationships

The Columbia School District will provide opportunities for all students to meet their potential by developing and implementing programs which will make our schools highly competitive and our graduates exceptional.

Long-Range Planning
In April 2014, the Columbia BOE and administration began the process of developing a Long-range Plan that would guide the system over the next 3-5 years. The Plan was to redefine the Vision & Mission for the district and examine the challenges that declining enrollment, decreasing resources and state & federal mandates present to our district. Several committees were formed between April 2014 and March 2015 to complete the project:

  • A stakeholder group of 21 parents, community members, faculty and BOE members met to define “what makes an excellent school system”
  • A Steering Committee of 15 members that developed the Long-range Plan flyer (LRP) that was mailed to all households in the town
  • A Program Structure & Organization Committee (PS&O) that studied options for the BOE to consider
  • A Communications Committee that developed a Community Engagement and Leadership plan

The BOE discussed the work of the PS&O and Communications committees and will, over the next several months, develop specific actions to improve our programs and strengthen our school options. We will be looking to expand the participation of the entire community as we develop our plans.

We ask that you consider joining in those efforts. To volunteer your time and ideas please contact Superintendent Lol Fearon at or at 860 228 8590.  Below are links to each of the long-range plan reports. Feedback is always welcome.

Columbia Enrollment Projected to 2023 - Dr. Peter M. ProwdaPlease click here.

Columbia Public Schools Stakeholder Forum - Please click here.

Long-Range Planning Flyer
The Columbia Board of Education adopted the district Long-Range Plan flyer on February 11, 2015. Please click here to view the brochure.

Programs, Structure and Organization Committee Report - Please click here.

Communications Committee Report - Please click here.