Transportation Routes

The Columbia School System provides regular bus transportation to Horace W. Porter School, Bolton High School, E.O. Smith High School and VoAg,  and Windham Technical High School.

The District's transportation vendor is M&J Bus, Incorporated.

If you have a concern or a compliment to share about M&J Bus service, please contact Karen Caputo, the Administrator in charge of Transportation, at

PK-8 and High School Pickup Schedule

PK-8 and designated high school general education bus routes and times are published in the Willimantic Chronicle in mid-August and updated as necessary throughout the school year. PK-8 and high school bus routes and times can also be found at the links below (morning pickup only).

The Columbia School System provides regular transportation for high school students attending Bolton High School, E.O. Smith High School, Lyman Memorial High School, and Windham Technical School.

Weather or Emergency Changes to the School Day:

Horace W. Porter School:

When school is dismissed early, delayed, or cancelled for Columbia, the transportation schedule for Horace W. Porter School is adjusted accordingly.

Typically, a delayed opening moves the start time for school and the bus pickup time to 2 or 3 hours later.

In the case of an early dismissal due to inclement weather, the end time for the school day is changed from 3:25P.M. to 12:30P.M. with bus dropoff times being adjusted accordingly. This means that if your child typically reaches his/her destination 15 minutes after regular dismissal time, you can expect your child to be dropped off at 1:25P.M. on an early dismissal day.

 It is important for parents of PK-8 students to have a transportation plan for the above-mentioned possibilities.

High Schools:

Bolton High School, E.O. Smith High School, Lyman Memorial High School, and Windham Technical School determine school delays and cancellations independently from Columbia.

When school is delayed or canceled for Columbia, all high school transportation is also delayed or canceled.

For example, on a 2 hour delayed opening day for Columbia, high school transportation will run 2 hours later than the regular pick-up time regardless of the start time for the respective high schools.

This means that if a high school does not delay the start of classes on a day that Columbia delays school, high school students using bus transportation will arrive late to school.

Additionally, if school is cancelled for Columbia, high school bus transportation is cancelled.

Special Dropoff Rule for PK-4 Students:

Columbia Board of Education Policy 3541.355 (Safety Procedures for Bus Drivers) states, “When dropping off students in the early childhood grades of K-4, the bus driver must be able to see a parent, guardian or designated person waiting for the child. This policy must be enforced for all student deliveries including emergency closings. Any children in grades K-4 not having a designated person to receive them will be returned to the school by the bus driver. An administrator may make an exception to this policy on a case-by-case basis. At the beginning of each school year, parents and guardians will designate the person or persons that will be responsible for receiving young students at their destination."

It is important for parents of PK-4 students to abide by this policy.

PowerSchool Announcement messages

The Columbia School System offers voice and text message notification services when school is dismissed early, delayed, or canceled.

Parents can expect the message to be sent between 5:30A.M. and 6:00A.M. on the day of a weather-related/emergency school delay or cancellation, or by 10:30A.M. on the day of a weather-related/emergency early dismissal.

Parents who do not wish to receive delay/cancellation messages, please contact Mrs. Nye, School Secretary (860-228-9493 x161 or

Parents cannot opt out of early dismissal messages.