Box Tops

Download the current Box Tops Sheet HERE. Print at home and attach your cut out box tops to the sheet. This really helps out the program. Thank you!

 – Alyson Cranick and Michele Barton at

Did you know?? Since the Box Tops program began at Porter, you have helped raise over $18,000 for our school. Keep those box tops coming!!! 

Did you know that if each student brought in 50 box tops that would be over $2300 for Porter’s amazing kids and teachers - WE CAN DO THIS!  

The “Box Tops Rock” Contest will run through March 2The class with the most Box Tops will win a dance party. All you need to do is clip those Box Tops and attach them to the collection sheet, or put them in a baggie and drop them in the collection box at the front of the school. You can also hand them in to your homeroom teacher. Please be sure to put your name, grade, and teachers name on each collection sheet or baggie so that we can give credit to your class.  

We encourage all families to save Box Tops throughout the school year!  Spread the word to your relatives and neighbors to clip and save them for you. We also have drop boxes located at Ted’s IGA in Hebron, Saxton B. Little Library, and The Beckish Center. As always, thank you for taking the time to help us make these programs a successful, easy way for our school to earn much needed funds!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact the coordinators: Alyson Cranick and Michele Barton at 

So Go Box Tops Go!!! Gotta collect them all!