School Messenger Notifications


The Columbia School District uses the School Messenger automated system to communicate important information to families. Contact is made through home and cell phone numbers along with email addresses for each parent/guardian that we have on record. It is critical that we have correct contact information for all parents/guardians. If you have recently changed a phone number or email address, please notify the school office.

There are three (3) categories of messages:

  • General Messages– these messages are typically only sent to emails and SMS text message and will NOT be of an urgent/emergency nature (event reminders/cancellations, non-emergency messages from the Superintendent’s Office, Main Office, PTO etc.).

  • Non-school Hours Emergency Messages– these messages will be sent to home and cell phones, emails and SMS text contact information and will be sent for school closings or delays due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances (power outages, etc.). This category will also be used when an early dismissal is determined before school begins.

  • In-school Emergency Messages– these messages will be sent during school hours only to all contact information and will only be used for urgent/emergency situations such as early dismissals due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances (power outages, etc.). The system allows us to monitor that contact was made and we will diligently attempt to contact you or the emergency contact(s) you have provided us for all communications sent out under this category.

We will continue to post information on school delays, closings or early dismissals on our website and social media (when power is available) and will contact the local television stations with this information, as well.

To receive SMS text messages:  YOU must initiate cell phone activation to receive them. Wireless carriers have very specific rules on their customers giving permission to receive certain “bulk” mail SMS text messages. Our vendor, School Messenger, has filed all the necessary paperwork to satisfy these rules and it is under their assigned “short code” number 67587 that we would be sending SMS text messages. Please read the information below and follow the “Opt-In” instructions if you choose to use this additional means of communication.

The “Opt-In” Process:

To “Opt-In”, text any one of the following words (subscribe, option or yes) to the number 67587.   If your action was successful, you will receive the following reply message: You are registered 4 SchoolMessenger notifications.  You will want to repeat this “Opt-In” process for each wireless number you wish to include.

Please note that our district does not pay for text message charges that may be incurred by you to receive these text messages. Please check with your wireless carrier for possible charges before you “Opt-In”.To “Opt-Out” at any time, text STOP to 67587.