School Social Worker

Kindness is Contagious!

I am the Social Worker for the Columbia School District. My job is to help students in Pre-K through grade 8 overcome barriers to their academic success. I do this by:

  • Providing social work counseling to students and parents;
  • Providing specialized services such as crisis intervention and risk assessments;
  • Identifying and utilizing community resources and serving as a liaison between school, families and agencies;
  • Continuing professional development to keep on the forefront of scientific supported data which supports the social, emotional and behavioral needs of students;
  • Attending PPT and 504 meetings to develop and implement I.E.P goals and objectives, behavior plans, etc., to meet the social, emotional, behavioral and adaptive functioning needs of students;
  • Collecting and analyzing data to ensure that goals are met and/or craft appropriate interventions that will assist students in their overall functioning;
  • Providing staff consultation to implement strategies that promote student learning, such as behavior modifications and differentiated instruction;
  • Teaching Second Step (a Social Skill Program) to students in grades K-3.
Mrs. Karen Caputo MSW, LMSW
Horace Porter School
3 Schoolhouse Road
Columbia, CT 06237  
860-228-0585 ext 121