Auditory Processing Skills

Auditory Processing Skills can be strengthened at home by including some of these exercises in your weekly routine:

  • After watching a TV show, ask your child to recall names, places and answer some 'wh' questions.
  • Make a game of giving complex directions and keeping track of how many your child can follow.
  • Give your child a list of four words and ask him to identify the two words that might go together.
  • Read your child absurd statements and ask him to identify what is wrong with the sentence.  (e.g.  I got the milk from the oven to pour on my cereal)
  • Play riddle games.
  • Read your child a story and ask him to recall it.
  • Ask your child to say a word and then say the word with a missing sound.  (e.g.  Say the word blend, now say it without the "l" sound.  Your child would answer "bend")

Make up your own listening games.  Have fun.  Auditory processing and  listening skills can be strengthened with practice!speech_image_3