Suggestions for Home Practice

Suggestions for Home Practice

  • Provide opportunities to retell stories and movies including the “big picture” and details. Ask questions which require your child to use inferential reasoning skills such as “Why do you think a character did that”? What do you think will happen next? , etc.
  • Practice using specific vocabulary by naming parts of an item and playing naming games.
  • Encourage your child to use complete sentences and provide some specific details during a conversation.
  • Provide opportunities to talk and listen and share observations and opinions.
  • If your child is working on improving sound production skills he/she can: Practice saying the sound in short words in front of a mirror.
  • Set aside a 5 minute practice time every night. Consistent practice yields results.
  • Choose 1-3 words that contain the target sound and post on refrigerator or on a wall as a reminder to say these words accurately.
  • Use an ipad or tape recorder to record and listen to a speech practice session.
  • Find things in environment that begin with target sound—write riddles about them
Encourage your child to complete speech "homework"

Please contact us for additional ideas.